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I'm a vigilante with a paintball gun, vigilante with a paintball gun

Justice on the run

5 November 1989
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  • jupiterdropsBe
Hi, I'm Fireball Sara! I decided it was time for an update of my profile, not just my journal. Basics about me, like I have the coolest hair in the entire world. I can't stand people who chew with their mouth open, making horrible noises. I love easily, I make tiki men and hardly ever wear makeup. I'm unchangably a teenager, despite the fact that some people have guessed I am as old as 30. My room is the most random place you'll ever chance upon. It had postage stamps, a kimono, a transit map, a colouge of Frank The Goat, two paintings of naked women and a curtain instead of a door. That's right, I don't have a door.

I love meeting new people.

Some of the coolest/most impressive stuff I've ever done:
*Got my black belt at age 12.
*Henceforth have taught as a karate instuctor at AFSEP at age 16.
*Gone to Israel.
*Spent a summer in paradise (Santa Barbara).
*Went to my first family funeral (Bubba...er...my grandmother) the day before my sweet 16.
*Had a friend fly in from London for one day on my 15th birthday.
*Snogged a complete stranger who turned into my best friend.
*Am loved by a rockstar's mother. (Ty from Girlyman's mom, Ms. Reissman.)
*Coming out of Sophomore year in high school, have a 3.94 GPA without and Honours or AP classes.
*Met Brads Whitaker and Fitzpatrick (of LJ) when I was 9.
*Intend to be able to communicate in 5 languages by summer of 2007.
*Already able to communicate in 3 languages.
*Love and care deeply for all children I babysit.
*Wrote one good short story.
*Wrote several more good essays.
*Wrote 80 pages of a screenplay. Might finish at some point (goal 120).
*Published 24 page magazine.
*Saw Billy Joel.
*Saw The Who and fucking loved it.
*Go to Philadelphia's High School for the Creative and Performing Arts
*Know over 1000 people.
*Worked at Camp PALS, a week partnership between one mainstream kid and one kid with Down Syndrome.

Open ended:
jupiterdropsBe: What's the most impressive/coolest thing I've ever done?

Sasha: can i say that you've been a really great friend?
Jill: You're a cool person. How about the time when you called me to make me feel better and you hung up then you picked up the phone and then you left a second message.
Brian: Your coolest accomplishment -- You've managed to find the other half of your brain. Some people don't even have that much. But that's a pretty impressive find, even if said half belongs to a 25 year old boy.

Reply via e-mail or AIM if you want to be quoted.

Marriage is love.

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