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Just realized I hadn't posted in about a month.

I have things I have to do, but I like posting.

I'm happy today, I made the Holiday Package for school. It's like a student written show, with student directors and stuff. My friend Alex submitted something and I hope for his sake it gets in because it sounded funny. I used "jawesome" as an adjective to describe myself. I picked out a whole load of cds I want to take some songs from but then I never did it. I called my friend Jess to ask if she was going to the swing dance tonight and she said she was on her way to my house. She lives about 4 houses away.

This one song for the audition for the musical reminds me of Ms. Litman for some untold reason.

What else is going on? I got my first report card. Pretty decent.
A Capella: 100
Gym: 98
Psych: B+ (I forget the number
Eng: A-
Span: A-
AP Gov: C+

They just give letters here. It's odd.

Every Friday here I bring my infamous "Free Hugs" sign to school. This guy Dan (whom I eat lunch with) made a sign today that said "Hugs $5" I got a free one though and I don't think he carried his sign around much.

I think I'll take this time to give briefs about my new friends. I've been people mapping like mad, but thusfar I haven't had many results worth seeing, visually. I've had quite a lot of unintelligible crap that will help me eventually.

Collapse ): First person who talked to me out of class. Has lent me multitudes of manga which I have not been good enough to read. A mix between Ariana, Anna and a holistic healer. I <3 her greatly. She's been very un-pushy in gleaning information on why I'm here. AND SHE GOT ME A BEAUTIFUL TEA KETTLE FOR MY BIRTHDAY!

Collapse ): PUPPIES! ZOMG! They make life worth living. Tuffy invades Max's condo sometimes.

Collapse ): Lives a few blocks away. Met walking home from Across The Universe which was not exactly her cup of tea. She attends the same church as Margaret from next door (Mormon, LDS) and that is very much a big part of her life. Very kind girl. Left my party before we watched V for Vendetta because it was rated R.

Collapse ): from Psych class. Really cool to talk to. She cut her hair since. And I'm in my Homecoming dress! I take the bus with her in the morning, when I take the late bus. She's from Tennessee, has family there so she's somewhat familiar with East-ness. More Southern, but she has that hospitable feel to her.

Collapse ): Racheal's guy. Quite nice. Dressed as a Japanese woman for Halloween and I couldn't tell it was a man at first, or second glance.

Collapse ): Met her in Psych, also has AP Gov with me. Very intelligent. Robotnic (there's a robotics team at this school) and stuff like that. Wore heels the entire dance.

Collapse ): English class. Great teeth. Real sweetheart, gives good hugs.

Collapse ): Cattie's in my English class and runs the GSA. Alex is a stringbean, whom I adore. He takes the bus with me occasionally and usually waits for it with me. Doesn't live far away, is a Junior. I went trick-or-treating with him and 15 others. T'was the greatest, most epic trick-or-treat of my life. He's in my Psych class and I have the intention of dressing him up as a woman one day.

Collapse ): Yeah, I met her somewhere. Can't get rid of her.

Collapse ): Choir. Hugs me sometimes when I cry audibly/run out of the room. It's better not to ask. Great voice, she's been my tutor since I couldn't even round my vowels when I came. Sophomore.

Collapse ) Collapse ): Are sisters. They made me beautiful jewelry. I have English with Jen and I just started talking to Anna on the bus one day. Much like Evan Bell, whom I don't have pictures of, but she smells better.

Collapse ): Jess lives 4 houses away. And plays tennis. And reads this. She cut her hair and now she's a cute little boy. ^_^

Collapse ): Well. This is Dan. Yet another to my collection. He cut his hair. It's an epidemic recently. But he looks good, which I don't usually say of guys with long hair who cut it. Gives good hugs.

Collapse ): Is and odd little duck. In my gym class. Eat lunch with him every day. Spiffy.

And there's a boy named Gabe who slightly disrupted my evening-ness with Guy. At least he (Guy) still held my hand. And Guy will not meet my brother. Unless somehow I convice him to come over for Thanksgiving. Which would probably just be awkward. Sometimes I'm afraid he thinks I'm awkward. But then I remember than I'm friends (good friends) with people who are older than him and he's not really that much older than me.

In any case, I'm in need of some good sleep.

Sweet dreams everyone!

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I've been extra ordinarily out of it today. It probably has a lot to do with the ash from the fires down South (yeah, I'm fine) that gets blown up here. I think I'm a sensitive flower to the matter since I've had such issues with my noseal area within the past year.

The brightness in the day was talking to Dan on the phone and him being genuinely happy to talk to me and know I'm doing well. He cut his hair to 2 inches. >_<

Oh, yes. And I also met a boy who owns Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band chucks. He acquired them in San Fran. Need to go shopping with him. Ha. How often do I say that?! Anyway, his mom gave me a ride home because she didn't want me waiting outside in the dark, alone. I love people. Here and everywhere.

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Ummmmmmm. Ummmmmmmm.

So, Michele and Mike bought one of Collapse ) in black.

And they said it's mine to take care of. By...keeping it clean and making sure Ryan doesn't screw it up or dent it or make it icky. It's not mine, but I'll be able to use it.

And it's taken an hour to settle, at least that much.

I'm in the market for a name. Thusfar, the best submission has been "Falcon" or "The Falcon". But I don't know how Star-Trekky I want to go.

Sometimes, sitting near good looking people is more distracting than being in the same room as them. It makes it harder to concentrate and think in the proper language. I wrote a little paragraph in Hebrew today.

I'll post pictures from Homecoming soon. There are a bunch here already: http://pics.livejournal.com/sarabe/gallery/0001ty6s

So you can see what Erin looks like. YEY! It's time to go make birthday invites. It's that time of year again!

-Effy (apprearantly, as dubbed by Erin. Short for effervescent. Yes, we know the connection to the Pants)
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David was in class tonight. ::headesk::

It was the angriest, least focused class I've ever had. I honestly can't do anything properly if I'm as mad as I was today. I'm so rarely that mad. It makes me cry when I am. RAWR.

Friday will be good. Friday will be amazing. Friday. Live until Friday and it'll be smooth sailing.

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I met a fairy today.
She bought me a hat.
She made me start believing again, I think.

I can't wait to meet my new bosses. I'm so happy I've gone freelance and we basically sound like the perfect fit for one another, family to baby-sitter relations. In addition, they are my first clients for the hardware cleaning service on Saturday. I'm making so much money this week. I love it.
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I saw Harry Potter at 3 am today.

In 3-D IMAX.

I'm so happy. The score was beautiful. And Luna was awesome. So was Neville.

Some girls in the bathroom liked my outfit. Then I got to watch the sun with Dan. It was great.


Now, I've been a generally busy person recently who, for the most part, hasn't much gone on the computer. Mostly, I've been either doing housework or not succeeding at working for others or being with Dan.

Yesterday, I went to a bunch of places and applied to work. I went to Fill-a-Bagel and they look promising. It was like, 100° out so I kinda died a little. I stopped at Applebees for a glass of water. It was the best glass of water I've ever had in my life. Eric opened the door for me and suggested I go up to the bar. Dave, the bartender gave me a glass of water. Then this old guy sitting next to me told Dave and I this riddle:

"A woman walks into the bar and asks for a cup of water. The bartender reaches under the bar and pulls out a revolver. The woman says 'Thank You' and walks out of the bar."

He made us ask yes or no questions for about 15 minutes solid. It was great. I was stumped so I had him tell me the answer when I left the bar. I'll leave it up to you lovely readers to figure it out!

Then I went to FedEx/Kinkos and printed and finalized my flyer for my computer hardware cleaning service. I wrote out those annoying little tabs that you can pull off. Then we made a few copies. Color copies are 89¢ each. >_< Mum and I went around putting them up. I put one in Jenkintown Business Graphics, one at Acme one at the Jenkintown Library (the librarian really liked the idea), and one at the Abington Library. Mum and I went to the Ringel's for dinner because we haven't eaten dinner in a while (prob since Friday. Mom seems to cook best whenever Dan comes over. Can you blame me for bringing him over all the time?) so we had chicken. Thoug's chicken. Yum.

The best part was that before we went home we decided to try putting up my flyer in Starbucks. Good call!

This morning while I slept, some lady called, in response to the ad! Mom woke me up and I talked to the lady. Her name is Kate. She and her husband have a business in the city which has about 30 employees and about 45 computers! (I advertised at about $3 a keyboard, $2 per mouse) She asked me whether I did other things and I said I do monitors and towers as well. She asked me if I babysat. When I said I did, she said "Oh Em Eff Gee!" I like this woman already. A lot. She was so excited to talk to me and so excited to meet me. It was just an excellent way to start the day.

I'm really excited. I know that most people hate doing mundane things like cleaning mice and keyboards, but it really amuses me greatly and makes me feel good. And now I will have money for it.

Man oh man. I'm glad.

And, providing I find my debit card, I'm going to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at 3 am tonight/tomorrow morning with Dan.
Have I mentioned that I like this kid? He's such a beautiful illusion.

::dances off stage left::
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